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Making Life Easier for Kids with Autism :)

App for iPad & Companion eBooks - Learning System Helps Verbal Children with ASD Ages 6+

What Is The App About?

Conversation for people on the spectrum can be difficult, leading others to mistakenly think they are rude, disinterested, unhappy, and even easy to bully.


Empowering a child with better conversational skills can really make a huge difference in their success in life. That's why I Can Have Conversations With You!™ was developed by Karen Kabaki-Sisto, certified speech pathologist and autism communication expert.

The app focuses on overcoming the core social communication problems affecting verbal people ages 6+ with autism, Asperger's, or PDD.  It unlocks a new way of thinking to empower your child to connect socially on any topic with anyone.

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“I've tried countless programs with my daughter but never found something that works for her. It's especially difficult because she has a short attention span. Then I gave this app a shot and my daughter has absolutely loved it. She cheers as she gets the right answer. Absolutely recommend it to any parent!”

★★★★★ App Store Review

by James9845 - Feb 16, 2016

Meet The App Inventor & Author

Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a certified speech pathologist and the creator of I Can Have Conversations With You!. She has devoted 20 years to perfecting her techniques that enable people on the spectrum to connect socially like never before.


In addition to working with children and adults who have autism, Karen is a regular contributor to Autism Parenting Magazine,, Huffington Post, American Autism Association, and many other publications. She also provides helpful tips on her 'Karen's Straight Talk' Blog and YouTube channel. 

Improving your child’s communication and overcoming conversational challenges is her TOP priority. If you're ever unsure about anything in the app, she'll personally help you :) That’s Karen's "Greater Conversations Commitment!”

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What Is Covered Inside The App?

Typical apps focus only on the sentences and words of a conversation. Breaking new ground, I Can Have Conversations With You! targets thoughts, emotions, logic, and body language along with the words spoken.

This way, your child will begin using a new method for interpreting what people are thinking and feeling - a crucial life skill.  He or she will become ultra-confident to start more conversations and keep them going more than ever before!

Targeted skills include:

  • Reading Body Language

  • Making Eye Contact

  • Interpreting Feelings & Emotions

  • Describing Events

  • Answering Questions

  • Asking for Information

  • Remembering Details

  • Intentions & Motivations

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Valuable Extras For FREE!

When You Download the App, Get These 3 Companion E-Books as a BONUS!*

  • #1 (value $37): Supreme Language Skills – DELUXE EDITION peek inside »

  • #2 (value $23): No-Fail Anti-Bullying Strategies! peek inside »

  • #3 (value $17): More Happiness Through Healthy Communication peek inside »

~ PLUS ~ Elite VIP online support from Karen to answer any question and get inspiration to motivate your child to succeed! (worth $95)

*To claim your 3 free e-books and VIP Access after you buy "I Can Have Conversations With You!" on the iPad App Store, simply access the "Adult's Menu" inside the app and tap "E-mail Karen" at the bottom of the screen.  

Autism Expert & Author: Karen Kabaki-Sisto

 Instant iPad Download + FREE Extras 

I Can Have Conversations With You!

Learning System + VIP Access +

3 Companion E-Books ($189.00)

For iPad | Helps Verbal Kids with Autism Ages 6+

By submitting your E-mail, you'll receive access to Karen's program on the iPad App Store plus additional tools and ideas for overcoming communication challenges your verbal child with autism may be experiencing. Opt-out at any time. :)
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