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The Best Holiday Gift to Give Your Child with Autism - Joy and Thanks

Thank you CareStarter for publishing my special holiday tips! CareStarter's technology aims to alleviate the fear, desperation and doubt that come with the diagnosis of a chronic medical condition. In my blog article, parents learn to model various expressions of cheer, appreciation, and graciousness to help their child grow closer relationships among family and friends this holiday season. Read it here:

Are you eager to help your child communicate better but not sure where to begin?

Hi! I'm Karen Kabaki-Sisto, an autism communication expert for over 20 years.

If your child with autism talks, he or she likely has difficulties understanding and expressing words, gestures, and feelings. I created this user-friendly tool to turn your observations into real insights about:







Upon completion, you'll instantly receive a detailed report of your child's current communication strengths and weaknesses. Over time, you can make new assessments (as often as you'd like) to monitor her or his progress.


Easy-to-follow and so necessary! 

What you will learn...

By submitting your E-mail, you'll receive a link to my FREE Communication Assessment Tool and ideas for overcoming communication challenges your verbal child with autism may be experiencing. I'll also send my personal E-mail address to connect with me directly about your concerns!  ~Karen :)

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