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YOUR STUDENTS WITH AUTISM Can Communicate Like Never Before!

Helps Special Needs Educators Treat Verbal Children

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I'm Karen Kabaki-Sisto ... Our Kids CAN!

Hi, fellow colleagues! It's wonderful that you care so much about your students and clients with autism to investigate the best way to serve them. You've come to the right place!

I know how frustrating it is to work with segmented evaluation tools and limited, insufficient therapeutic options for our kids when it comes to pragmatics, discourse, and social skills. So, I've developed an all-in-one I CAN! For Autism Method™ incorporated into an iPad app that provides both ongoing assessment and treatment. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to put our heads together with this innovative method to help your students maximize social communication. Please keep in touch with me via email to discuss your students' progress with my program.

Thanks for visiting. I’m excited to work with your students and you!

~Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S., CCC-SLP
 Founder of Autism Breakthrough Solutions, LLC 

 Creator of the I CAN! For Autism Method

The I CAN! For Autism Method™ - IT WORKS!

Language Skills


Conversation Flow

Staying on Topic




Thinking Skills



Body Language


Emotion Recognition

Asking Questions

Social Skills



Eye Contact



Tone of Voice

I built The I CAN! For Autism Method within an app called I Can Have Conversations With You!™. It's FUN, and IT WORKS. With the Professional's Edition that supports up to 20 users, your students will better know what to say, how to say it, and the reasons why. She or he will feel so proud to finally be able to speak and understand with confidence!


I Can Have Conversations With You! helps people who are 6 or older, speak in sentences, and can read. 

The Bottom Line:

Greater abilities to talk successfully about ANY topic with ANYONE!

"For the right user, this app is exceptional...Those who don't understand what having a conversation is can learn a lot from this app...There are so many great features"

"Our student especially enjoyed the role-play section of the app. He liked recording his voice and replaying it. He was able to adjust what he said with input from the therapist helping him produce a more appropriate response."

"These scenarios are relevant to my students' everyday lives, which makes this app very practical for them.  You can create an assessment for the student within the app.  The app also creates detailed reports for you." 

“Really digs deep into conversations, interactions, what others are thinking, & how others feel while communicating.Thank you Karen for creating this in depth app to help our students that struggle with social communication!”

“Clean, clear and crisp narration and video clips... Systematically set up for success with many repetitions that may be needed for those with Autism.”

“This app is jam packed with great features that will help your child develop and learn how to have independent conversations with you! Pick up your copy in the app store today!”

Why Does My Method Work?

I Can Have Conversations With You! Professional's Edition for iPad uses evidence-based practices best-suited to teach your students a new, systematic way to think about conversation.


Using this method MAKES THE DIFFERENCE! Children learn to understand what the other person is thinking and feeling BEFORE they speak. AFTERWARDS, your students will understand what happened during the conversation to make sense out of it. Better communication = stronger relationships! 


Features include:

Each student's learning journey begins with this app: Conversation #1. After his/her work is completed and scored, the system selects the next conversation at the skill level that matches each child's unique abilities. Their learning continues as you download lessons #2, 3, 4, and so on. 

Your students will grow STRONGER BONDS with friends, family, & everyone!

Want To See More? Take a Video Tour!

Experience how I Can Have Conversations With You! Professional's Edition can help your students with autism develop naturally-flowing conversations and build stronger relationships.

The "I CAN" Way = Way FUN!

People with autism are especially attracted to technology to learn new concepts. Research has shown that learning and communication can be maximized through tablets even more so than through traditional means.


Plus, the interactive features of tablets are F-U-N! That’s why I made sure to include everything to keep your students eager to learn every step of the way.

Most of all, he or she will be motivated by feeling proud to communicate CONFIDENTLY!

You'll Get Involved, Too!

By observing your students (up to 20) work independently with I Can Have Conversations With You!, you will understand each of their strengths and learn how to help overcome communication challenges. You will see progress first-hand as you participate in:


  • Judging Role Play

  • 60-Point Communication Assessment

  • End-of-Lesson Evaluation

“Helping improve your students' communication and overcoming conversation challenges are my TOP priorities. If there is anything in my program that you are unsure of, all you need to do is E-mail me, and I’ll help you personally. That’s my Greater Conversations Commitment!” ~Karen :)

Ready for results?

If you help kids 6+ who speak in sentences & read...


(for iPad)

Not near your iPad? I'll E-mail you the App Store link for later! :)

Check your E-mail for a link to 'I Can Have Conversations With You!' on the iPad App Store.

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