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As soon as you download I Can Have Conversations With You!™, your child's therapy begins, and she or he will begin to make progress immediately.

Over time, as the learning cycle is repeated with each new downloaded conversation module in the series, you will witness your child be better able to start, maintain, and end naturally-flowing conversations.



Click each phase of the Learning Cycle to understand its importance and to view screenshots.


Parents download the next skill-appropriate conversation to help their child progress

The final phase of the learning cycle invites you to continue your learner’s communication journey.


Unlike ordinary apps currently on the market, I Can Have Conversations With You! is highly effective because of its unique ability to create a learning path based on your child’s individual skill level. Skill levels range from Novice through Advanced.

This series of apps starts with Conversation #1 initially. Once it's completed, the system keeps scores and matches your child with the right follow-up level for him or her to continue making progress within Conversation #2, 3, 4, and so on.

Conversations app - Get More Conversations

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Much less than the cost of a single speech-language therapy session, each follow-up module is only $19.99. And, unlike a single therapy session which lasts only a short amount of time, your child will benefit from many hours of therapy from each new conversation!

Begin his or her communication journey today!

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