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As soon as you download I Can Have Conversations With You!™, your child's therapy begins, and she or he will begin to make progress immediately.

Over time, as the learning cycle is repeated with each new downloaded conversation module in the series, you will witness your child be better able to start, maintain, and end naturally-flowing conversations.



Click each phase of the Learning Cycle to understand its importance and to view screenshots.

The child works on the conversation independently

Right away, your child begins to sharpen his or her conversational skills.

Conversation modules begin with videos and photos of people talking about a particular topic. Through structured learning, repetition, and reinforcement, the program systematically zeroes-in on:

  • Who the conversational partners are

  • Where they are situated

  • What they want to say and why

  • Bridging segments of the conversation

  • Summarizing the main idea of the conversation

  • Vocabulary, logic, and figures-of-speech


As a result, your child will be ready to judge if the words that the partners say match the conversational situation.


Thousands of instructional and reinforcing elements maximize your child's understanding of the dialogue between the conversational partners, such as:

  • Video modeling

  • Interactive visual / audio prompts

  • Sentence-starters / Fill-ins

  • Speech bubbles

  • Reward images with stimulating sound effects


Within each conversation module, your child will benefit from many hours of skill-building work and learns at his or her own pace with suggested breaks built in. Upon your child's return from a break, the program will pick up right where it left off!

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