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(for iPad)

(for iPad)

Help Your Child with Autism Talk Successfully on ANY TOPIC with ANYONE!

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I Can Have Conversations With You!

Empowers Kids with Autism 6+ Who Talk & Read

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Take the First Step Today!

I Can Have Conversations With You!™ for iPad improves the language, thinking, and social communication abilities of kids 6+ with autism who talk and read.


  • Staying on Topic

  • Body Language

  • Emotion Recognition

  • Conversation Flow

  • Asking Questions

For the first time ever, your child will better know what to say, how to say it, and the reasons why. She or he will feel so proud to finally be able to speak and understand with confidence!

By submitting your E-mail, you'll receive a link to download I Can Have Conversations With You! from the iPad App Store. Also, you'll get access to the accompanying FREE Communication Assessment Tool and expert tips for overcoming communication challenges your verbal child with autism may be experiencing from the app's creator, speech pathologist Karen Kabaki-Sisto.

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