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Are you a parent looking for ideas to help your verbal child with autism?

 My FREE eBook "How To Make School A Snap! (and Less Stressful)" is packed with simple expert tips to boost confidence & success quickly.

Learn about:

  • Guiding your child to initiate conversations 

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Simplifying 7 essential school subjects

...and so much more. Get your FREE copy today!

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About the Author, Karen Kabaki-Sisto

Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a certified speech pathologist and founder of Autism Breakthrough Solutions, LLC. She has devoted 20 years to perfecting her techniques that enable people on the spectrum to connect socially like never before.


In addition to working with children and adults who have autism, Karen is a regular contributor to Autism Parenting Magazine,, Huffington Post, American Autism Association, and many other publications. She also provides helpful tips on her Blog and YouTube channel. In 2015, she launched her acclaimed iPad learning series "I Can Have Conversations With You!™" on the App Store.

Improving your child’s communication and overcoming language challenges is her TOP priority. If you're ever unsure about anything in the book, she'll personally help you. That’s Karen's "Greater Conversations Commitment!” :)

By submitting your E-mail, you'll receive access to Karen's eBook plus additional tools and ideas for overcoming communication challenges your verbal child with autism may be experiencing. Opt-out at any time. :)

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What People Are Saying

"Karen has worked with my adult son who has autism since he was a child, and then she guided me towards a diagnosis of autism regarding my daughter who is now 8. Karen is a rare find, not only as a therapist, but as a compassionate person."

Janet D.

Mother from New Jersey

Carol Amato

Speech-Language Pathologist

"Karen is truly in tune with how kids with autism communicate and understand the world."

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