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I Can Have Conversations With You!™

"My son can't get enough"

"My son has completed two conversations, and he wants more. He absolutely loves the app and asks for it all the time."

5-star App Store Review from Steve I.

"The app is one of the most helpful interventions that we've tried"

"[My daughter] definitely benefits from working independently as well as recording and listening to her own voice...she appreciates the built in breaks too.


E-mailed from a parent

"My son loves this app"

" this app for my 13 year old son who has autism. We tried Geminii but he didn't like it...[I Can Have Conversations With You] is a great app for kids who have labels and speech ability..."

Parent's Facebook comment

"I was very impressed"

"...this app is jam packed with great features...Pick up your copy in the app store today!"


Read the full review at TouchAutism

"I am so thrilled to have this app"

"this app is systematic and well designed, with great explanations for users to really understand how to have a conversation."


Read the full review at Smart Apps For Kids

"My daughter loves this app!"

"...I had almost given up until I stumbled across this program. I Can Have Conversations With You totally transformed my daughter's life and gave me renewed hope...exceeded my expectations"


Parent's review from the App Store

"Systematically set up for success"

"One of my favorite features is the role-play feature that allows the user to actually record his or her voice after spending time within the app to cement understanding of a conversation."


Read the full review at Teachers With Apps

"This app is very comprehensive"

"...really digs deep into conversations, interactions, what others are thinking, and how others feel while communicating...Thank you Karen for creating this in depth app to help our students that struggle with social communication!"


Read the full review at Simply Speech 

"...a good app to suggest to parents for students to practice at home."

"Here's what I love about this app: These scenarios are relevant to my students' everyday lives, which makes this app very practical for them...I really like that the app gives you recommendations on the next step and gives strengths and weaknesses"


Read the full review at Home Sweet Speech Room

"...very helpful and useful...this app is an excellent tool to have."

"Overall I would recommend this app"

"What I liked about this app is that there are lots of learning experiences and reinforcement of different types of phrases/comments..."

Read the full review at

"Our student especially enjoyed the role-play section of the app"

"Overall, we would recommend this application"

"great features of this application includes video modelling, interactive cues, virtual role playing using one’s own voice, a gallery of achievements, helpful sentence starters, and customized reports that break down the progress and areas of improvement."


Read the full review at Bright Mosaic Minds

"This app has been challenging, but helpful for my son"

"The app has you record his response and he loved hearing his voice played back to him."


Facebook comment from a parent

"'We need more toilet paper in the bathroom.' He never says things like that."

"We just purchased the next level."


Laurie H. - Facebook comment

"Loves this app!!"

"My 14 year old son with autism who can talk - but mostly does not - loves this app!!"

Marie B. - Facebook comment

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