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~ Watch this informative video to see why caution should be exercised with this concept of 'age-appropriate' activities ~

Is it OK for Kids with Autism to Engage in Activities Considered Too Juvenile for their Age?

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For Kids With Autism, The Right Guidance Makes a Huge Difference

Karen Kabaki-Sisto, Autism Expert
Autism Parenting Magazine

Welcome, Parents!

I’m a certified speech pathologist who has spent the last decade perfecting new and unique ways for kids and adults with autism to connect socially like never before.

Conversation for people on the spectrum can be difficult, leading others to mistakenly think they are rude, disinterested, unhappy, and even easy to bully. Empowering a child with better conversation skills can really make a huge difference in their success in life.


As an autism communication expert for 20+ years, I knew there had to be a better way to bridge social communication gaps. I finally found a consistent set of solutions, and now my I CAN! For Autism Method™ is life-changing.

Once you sign up, I'll give you all the tools you need to succeed; all you have to do is have a love for seeing your child learn new ways to comminicate!

Thanks for visiting. I’m excited to work with your child and you!

Karen Kabaki-Sisto

Certified Speech-Langauge Pathologist since 1998

Founder of Autism Breakthrough Solutions

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Body Language 


Better Eye Contact Techniques

Language Skills and Assessment

Conversation-Building Apps

Children with autism have a lot of difficulty accurately understanding and expressing body language and facial expressions. Learn the best ways that you can practice nonverbal communication at home with your child - and have fun doing it!

The more you use my direct, indirect, verbal, and non-verbal techniques during your interactions, the more accurately your child will be able to make better eye contact and understand communication!  

Are you confused about how your child with autism communicates? Do you wonder if your son or daughter should be talking and understanding more? My free tools and in-depth articles will give you a deeper understanding about how he or she thinks and communicates. 

Research has shown that for people with autism, learning can be maximized through tablets even more so than through traditional means. Learn about my unique app series that's turning scripted communication into naturally-flowing conversations!

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