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Making Life Easier for Kids with Autism :)

Learning Methods Help Verbal Children with ASD Ages 6+

Meet The Author

Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a certified speech pathologist who has devoted 20 years to perfecting her techniques that enable people on the spectrum to connect socially like never before.


In addition to working with children and adults who have autism, Karen has written for Autism Parenting Magazine,, Huffington Post, American Autism Association, and many other publications. She also provides helpful tips on her 'Karen's Straight Talk' Blog and YouTube channel. 

Improving your child’s communication and overcoming conversational challenges is her TOP priority. If you're ever unsure about anything, she'll personally help you :) That’s Karen's "Greater Conversations Commitment!”

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What's Covered Inside Her Books?

Therapy often focuses only on the sentences and words of a conversation. Breaking new ground, Karen's methods target thoughts, emotions, logic, and body language along with the words spoken.

This way, your child will begin using a new method for interpreting what people are thinking and feeling - a crucial life skill.  He or she will become ultra-confident to start more conversations and keep them going more than ever before!

Targeted skills include:

  • Reading Body Language

  • Making Eye Contact

  • Interpreting Feelings & Emotions

  • Describing Events

  • Answering Questions

  • Asking for Information

  • Remembering Details

  • Intentions & Motivations

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  • No-Fail Anti-Bullying Strategies! peek inside »

  • More Happiness Through Healthy Communication peek inside »

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